Dear New Student,

Thank you for your interest in the Boston Outdoor School. It is through difficulty that we slowly come out of the shell of who we think we are to becoming who we can be. More than two years ago I was fired from a company I founded. This had dramatic consequences on my sense of self and identify.

Around the same time I began re-exploring the woods with the above group of people, my family and my dog(s). In being outdoors I realized the trees didn’t care about my ego; the birds didn’t care about my success; and the worms had no stake in my scalability. I realized that while my life was taking twists and turns I could always rely on the time I spent outside to provide perspective.

I have only begun to learn that contentment comes from purpose and contribution. Those both come from within and I believe nature is our greatest facilitator of self exploration.

I have been spending time in the woods since I can remember. Though I hail from NYC I always felt more comfortable outside in the woods than in the the city. The woods gave me the freedom to explore without hesitation or concern. BOS was started to share that space and to provide the bridge from urban environments to the outdoors.

The purpose of the Boston Outdoor School is to take seriously the opportunity to explore our local environment we are surrounded by with an eye toward what is not human made. This is meant to be an opportunity to connect ourselves to the outdoors and our true nature.

The Boston Outdoor School is founded on the following principles.

  1. Respect for nature and each-other.

  2. Strive to create a community of non-judgement. The forest is nonjudgemental. We will work to mirrors the forest.

  3. Strive to create an environment where people are challenged and supported. With challenge comes growth. Growth in nature must be supported by the proper conditions for new things to grow.

  4. Be patient. All good things take time.

  5. Lead with the heart. Compassion is our most valuable tool to understanding the world.

IMG_9333 (1).JPG

I hope we can learn together. I hope to see you in the woods soon.