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The Essential Art of Fire

  • Boston Outdoor School 131 Walnut St Saugus United States (map)
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Cost: $55

Duration: 3 hours


Age: 16+


Join Tim “Primitim” Swanson in a fire making workshop. Fire was the skill that made civilization possible, and it still holds a mystical power of attention for anyone in the wilderness. In this program, we will learn to make one-match fires that work every time, as well as try our hands with flint and steel, fire by friction using bow and drill as well as hand drill methods. We’ll talk about tinder, safety, gathering firewood, cooking fires and much more in this intensive study of our ancestral heritage.

Instructor: Tim “Primitim” Swanson


Tim has been involved with primitive skills for over 15 years. His teaching style accommodates any age due to his playful and light-hearted attitude along with an informative and in depth approach to the natural world. Tim has taught primitive skills all over the northeast including at Unity College, Bryant Pond 4H Camp, True North Wilderness Therapy Program, Belfast Community Outreach Program in Education, Wingate Wilderness Therapy, The Umbrella Community Arts Center, Nashua River Watershed Association, and Groton Wellness Holistic Healing Center. For more information on Tim’s work, visit his website at

What to Bring:

  • Clothes to stay warm.

  • A backpack

  • Snacks

  • Bottle of water

  • Any emergency medical supplies you may need

  • Notebook & Pencil

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