This 90 minute presentation is open to parents, teachers, grandparents or other interested adults, as well as older teens.

The average child spends over seven hours a day on digital screen technology, missing out on skill building activities in nature or with friends, or learning through creating free play. This creates a ‘deficit’ in their inner foundation, leaving our kids at risk for a host of mental and physical ailments that can have devastating effects on their ability to build a positive, healthy life in their future.

In this presentation, Ricardo Sierra, Co-founder and director of the Earth Mentoring Institute and of Hawk Circle Wilderness Camp in upstate New York, shares the skills, strategies and actions he’s learned through 30 years of teaching wilderness education to reconnect our youth to the natural environment. Through stories and visual imagery, Ricardo will offer a pathway that can make a difference, and inspire us all to take action with the children we care about in our own lives. After the presentation, Ricardo will take questions from participants in a community-building discussion to help support attendees in moving forward with confidence and passion.