Fly Fishing in Massachusetts

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Fly Fishing in Massachusetts

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Do you like fishing? Have you ever wondered if there was another way to do it? Try fly fishing! Fly fishing represents a highly strategic and engaging way to explore and connect with nature and its inhabitants. Whether you enjoy fishing small streams, big rivers, or the ocean, fly fishing is the way to do it! In this course, we’ll cover everything from knots, to casting, fly tying, and even getting some fishing done. By the time the course is over, you’ll have a fly to take home and the memory of catching some fish in a truly unique urban environment.

Expected Take-away’s:

You’ll be learning some key knots, fly tying, casting techniques, and how to effectively catch, play, and land fish!


Duration: 8 Hours

Age: 16+

No experience required!

Cost: $180

Instructor: Geoffrey Klane

Since picking up fly fishing in 2015 Geoff has fallen in love with it. He writes about it for the Massachusetts Fly Fishing Blog, gives talks at Trout Unlimited Chapters (and elsewhere), guides for carp/warm-water species, wild trout, and striped bass, ties flies, and builds custom fly rods. If there is something related to fly fishing, you can almost bet that he does it.

Check out some of my writing/talks below: