Intro to Wilderness Survival


Intro to Wilderness Survival


This program is all about learning how to be prepared for anything, and how to make nature your friend.

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The wilderness is a place where nature is generally in charge. Thunderstorms, injuries, unexpected gear problems and situations can put even experienced people at risk. This program is all about learning how to be prepared for anything, and how to make ‘nature’ your friend.

Our ancestors figured it out, so these skills are still available to everyone, if they know how to recognize and utilize them.

We will share skills of awareness, safety, weather, essential gear, priorities and best practices. We will also build a shelter and learn about different ways to survive in extreme situations. We will have fun, answer your questions and have a great time exploring everything related to wilderness!

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Ricardo Sierra

Co-founder and director of the Earth Mentoring Institute and founder of Hawk Circle Summer Camps, Ricardo has led workshops, camps, school programs and adult trainings for over 30 years. He specializes in teaching and facilitating transformative programs using the skills and philosophy of wilderness to awaken our senses and our connection to the Earth. He is also the creator of the Earth Skills Correspondence Course, The Polaris Project, an online business mentoring program and the Wolverine Way Summit.

A member of the Tracking Project's Community Mentoring Program in New Mexico, Rick is also an artist, writer, craftsperson and timber framer. He and Trista live at Hawk Circle with their son, Javier. For more information on Ricardo's work, visit his website at


Duration: 4 hours


Cost: $60

Age: 16+



Boston Outdoor School

131 Walnut St

Saugus, MA