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Duration: 16 hours

Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm

Sunday: 9 am - 5 pm


Cost: $155

Age: 16+

Total Participants: 15 max


This two-day program focuses on a combination of tools and techniques to navigate confidently in the wilderness over larger terrain.  The core of the course will focus on map and compass skills to confidently negotiate terrain using Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid maps.  This will give you the ability to use a map and compass to plan a trip off trail in large wilderness expanses confidently, opening up new opportunities in places such as Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, as well as the Northwest of the US.  

We will spend the first day learning about reading and using UTM grid maps, planning the easiest path to our destination, and executing our plan with a compass.  The start of the day will be class-based, followed by lots of outdoor practice. At the end of the first day, you will be able to use a map and compass to get to your objective.

On our second day, we will continue to practice the skills we learned on day one, while also adding more tools and techniques.  We will start by adding some orienteering skills that will increase speed on the course. You will learn when you can rely less on the map and compass, and use terrain association to move more quickly.  Once we have covered the pure map and compass skills, we will learn how to use modern mapping software to preplan our adventures in order to give us the best trip with the highest margin of safety.

Instructor: Scott Powers

Scott has a diverse background, from rock climbing to ultra running, and is currently a Skimo, or ski mountaineering racing, competitor. Scott has completed multiple 50K trail races and spends his “spare time” enriching his backcountry knowledge.  

Scott is an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) certified Single Pitch Rock Climbing Instructor (SPI), an American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) Level 1 and Rescue Professional, a National Ski Patrol (NSP) Outdoor Emergency Care Provider, and a New England Emergency Medical Service Institute (NEEMSI) Paramedic. Scott is currently a ski patroller at the Blue Hills and works as a data scientist during the week building autonomous vehicles. He has previously worked full time on a busy 911 ambulance service as an Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider.  

Required Equipment: