Natural Movement in Nature

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Natural Movement in Nature


Join us and learn about moving through the natural environment, naturally, efficiently, and creatively, in a fun and challenging way.

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Cost: $55


Duration: 3 Hours

Age: 16+


Natural movement is for everyone. And you can get started at any age, ability, or fitness level – whether you have a gym membership, live close to nature, or neither.

The truth is natural movement comes naturally to all humans, but efficient movement does not. That’s why this course exists and is loaded with beginner-friendly movement workouts that are fun, challenging, and scalable to all ability levels so that you can start feeling and moving better today.

We’re confident that if you commit to following one of the routines, you’ll see results right away, and be ready for more. Join us and learn about moving through the natural environment, naturally, efficiently, and creatively, in a fun and challenging way.

Instructor: Natalia Boltukhova

Natalia Boltukhova is a Parkour coach and personal trainer. She is a Level 2 Adapt Certified Parkour Coach with Parkour Generations: Americas. She is also a Personal Trainer at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville where she designs and implements fitness programs to help people improve and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Natalia has a deep passion for teaching people how to improve their movement and embrace the potential of their bodies. She travels all over the world for Parkour events and teaches both private and group classes. She is also the owner of Pedal Power Photography in Somerville, MA.

What to Expect:

We will work on best ways to warm up our joints, major muscle groups, and our cardiovascular system. In fact, quite a few of the movements you will learn can be used as rehab for common physical injuries, or as preventative care for your body.

We will develop an understanding of nature’s “obstacles” and how to exercise good judgment in our interaction choices. For example, when to stay on and off the trails; what to do in muddy, rainy, frozen terrain; how to navigate tree bark and tree roots, what to do with boulders, and the effect vegetation on obstacles will have on our movements.

We will work on movement basics. Walking archetype: walking, jogging, running and how to add variety (blind, barefoot, etc). Jumping archetype: broad standing jump, box jump, drop jump, strides, and running jumps. Climbing archetype: multidirectional quadrupedal movement (QM), various degrees of steepness, scrambling, climbing up and down-climbing, swinging.

Finally, we will work in combining all of the elements into movement lines/routes, like constructing sentences with words, and movement games. See below.

What to Bring:

  • Open mind

  • Willingness to move

  • Lack of fear of getting dirty

  • Remembering what it was like to play in the woods as a child

  • Comfortable athletic clothing

  • Sneakers/running shoes

  • Small backpack with a water bottle and a snack