Spring Foraging

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Spring Foraging

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As the winter draws to a close, spring begin to appear. Foraging is a great excuse to get outside and reconnect with nature in the first days of spring.  Winter foods are weighing heavy on our stomachs, and wild edibles come just when our bodies long for the vitamins and minerals from fresh produce. These edibles will often pop up a little earlier than those grown in gardens, and like their cultivated friends, they are good for us.  Well before the snowbanks have finished melting into the earth, new life is popping up on every bare patch of soil.

They also bring particularly unique flavors and shapes to dinner plates. Some of the first plants of spring also happen to be tasty edibles. Early spring is when some of the most prolific, most accessible wild edibles make their first appearances of the year. It's when edible plants are at their tenderest and tastiest. And your own backyard might just be the most convenient and most productive place you'll find to forage this time of year.

Take Away’s:

By the end of this course you will be able to identify a range of local wild plants and fungi. You will also learn plenty of peripheral and entertaining fungi information. I

Instructor: Tyler Akabane

Tyler has worked professionally finding and selling wild mushrooms for the past 5 years and work with some of Boston's best restaurants. He is on the identification committee of the Boston Mycological Club. He was trained by Alan and Arlene Bessette, the authors of Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America. Check him out at http://www.mushroomsformyfriends.com

Also, you could learn more about Tyler in an interview he did with Boston Voyager: http://bostonvoyager.com/interview/meet-tyler-akabane-mushroomsformyfriends-theres-plans-fungi/