Animal Tracking Thru the Seasons


Animal Tracking Thru the Seasons


Tracking can be a very powerful way to learn about nature while seeing first hand some of the many connections between animals and their environment.  In this three past series learn what the animals are doing in any given season. WE RECOMMEND ADDING ALL THREE SESSIONS TO THE CART.

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Join experienced naturalist and tracker Bob Metcalfe in a three part series each season. Bob will break down the classes into manageable chunks throughout the seasons starting with spring, then fall, and finishing with winter. That is 9 classes per year. It is recommended that you join us for the 3 seasons per season.

Tracking teaches us to slow down and be present. Tracking teaches us to be observant and to not just look but to see. Learning to identify wildlife tracks and sign opens the door for us to experience what life is like for wild animals.

Learning to track thru all seasons is important because animal behavior and survival strategies change with environmental changes. Food, water and shelter are found in different places throughout the year. Tracks and sign change with behavior. When we follow the trail of a wild animal we go where it goes and if we pay attention, we see what it sees. This is when we start to learn from the animals themselves.

If we want to know about the forest we need to ask the animals, they are the experts. They are the masters of wilderness survival. The rabbit will show us where the berry bushes are in summer. If we want to find the rabbits we can ask the fox. The deer can lead us along the easiest path thru the hills and wetlands and take us to the cool places in summer and the warm ones in winter. Most wildlife trails will bring us to places where water is accessible.

As we observe changes as the year unfolds, we start to understand the interdependence of all living things including ourselves. Many of us have lost our natural connection to nature. Tracking brings us home.


Bob Metcalfe

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Through his business, New England Discovery, Bob offers programs in wildlife observation and photography, animal tracking and habitat exploration to adults and school children.

Bob Metcalfe is a naturalist and environmental educator with a lifelong interest in the natural world. He is a Registered Maine Guide and a member of the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization. He is also the Environmental Education Coordinator for the Saugus River Watershed Council and has been sharing his love of nature and wildlife with adults and children thru his business "New England Discovery" for 25 years.

What are people saying about Bob?

“Bob Metcalfe is an excellent tracker and observer. Bob’s passion to share his love of nature permeates his teaching style. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn with him! You’ll come back for more!” - Paul Rezendes, Author Tracking and the Art of Seeing: How to Read Animal Tracks and Sign.

“Bob was excellent. Awesome info, great instructor, interactive, great setting.” Student, Introduction to Tracking

“Bob was AMAZING. I would take a million more classes with him.” Student, Introduction to Tracking

“Bob was awesome. Lots of knowledge passed down. Exceeded my expectations” Student, Introduction to Tracking

“Bob was amazing and nice. I honestly wouldn’t mind doing far longer classes with him.” Student, Predator Tracking


Cost: $45

Duration: 3 hours


Age: 16+


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131 Walnut St,

Saugus MA 01906