Winter Animal Tracking

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Winter Animal Tracking

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Join experienced New England animal tracker David Brown in his program which surveys the tracks, trails and sign of mammals and birds found in New England during the winter season. David Brown has conducted wildlife inventories for the Middlesex Fells and his 30 years of knowledge in animal tracking is inspiring. He will cover many charismatic species including deer, raccoons, possums, foxes, coyotes and other woodland creature. The outdoor portion is approximately 1 ½ hours with a 30 minute indoor introduction.

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David is a lifelong teacher and naturalist with 30 years experience interpreting the trails and sign of mammals of New England and the Southwest. He has conducted extensive wildlife surveys, trained docent groups, and provided wildlife education planning all over New England including Greater Lovell Land Trust and the Friends of Alewife Reservation, Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation, Lakes Environmental Association's Holt Pond Preserve, and for the Camp Nihan Environmental Center. For more information on David’s work, visit his website at


Duration: 2 hours


Cost: $35

Age: 16+

What to Bring:

  1. Clothes to stay warm.

  2. A backpack

  3. Snacks

  4. Bottle of water

  5. Any emergency medical supplies you may need

  6. Notebook & Pencil



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